Centrepointe Childcare Services (CCS) is working with pride to give quality, nurturing care to children and to provide support and resources to those who care for them.

We receive financial support from the City of Ottawa and the Ministry of Education.


To provide accessible, safe and nurturing childcare services and resources that will enhance the lives of children, parents and caregivers in our community.


In 1990, the Ministry of Children and Youth partnered with the Ministry of Housing to build a $1.1M childcare centre in Nepean. 29 years ago, the Centrepointe Childcare Services was born. We were the first of its kind to offer three types of parent support programs on-site.

We continue to deliver Centre-based Childcare, Home-based Childcare, and a wealth of resources and we remain in the original building at 75 Hemmingwood Way. Over the years, we have grown. We increased our capacity to offer subsidized spaces, built the Nursery School program, and strengthened our community network. Through it all, we worked as a strong team and as a connected community to deliver quality care and support services to thousands of families–children, parents and caregivers. We will continue to serve the community’s needs in the years ahead.

Our values

support families

We support families by responding to the changing needs of parents and children.

help families to find best care

We help families find the best care from a range of options.

offer high quality

We deliver high quality programs run by qualified staff and experienced caregivers.

We offer dynamic educational programming for parents and their children.

We ensure all environments are safe, nurturing and warm for children and welcoming for parents and caregivers.

We thrive as a community of caregivers, with families, staff and the board of directors all working together.

Our Staff

All of our staff members are dedicated professionals eager to welcome your child into our learning environment.

Our Centre-based Childcare team

Our Centre-based Childcare team consists of the Program Director, three head teachers and six supportive teachers. All are Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECE). Others who create a warm and caring environment at the Centre for our children in care include a housekeeper, a cook, and an administrative assistant. To top it off, each member of our staff holds a Ministry of Education approved Standard First Aid and CPR certificate.

Director: Tanya Slight, RECE

Our Home-based Childcare team

Home-based Childcare providers are loving, caring, and nurturing people dedicated to helping infants and children realize their full potential in a family and community atmosphere. Our caregivers are experienced and skilled individuals. Many of them have been with the CCS for over a decade, some for two. Home-based Childcare providers are screened and assessed before children enter their homes. First aid certification, CPR certification and workshop attendance on

[Early Learning for Every Child today (ELECT)] are mandatory. To enhance their training and skills, home care providers also attend workshops and seminars, such as, safety, nutrition, and program planning.

Our Home-based Childcare consultants ensure parents have the best possible choice of a home environment for their child. The consultants act as a liaison between parents, and the childcare providers and ensure that the home environment meets all of the standards as outlined in the “Child Care and Early Years Act 2014”.

Director: Dana Sharkey, RECE, B.A., TESL

Our Nursery School team

The Nursery School teaching team consists of two Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECE).  Both have years of experience in the child care field.

Director:  Lee Stanistreet, RECE

Our Resource Centre Team

Our resource centre team is made up of RECEs, Family Support Practitioners and volunteers. Their focus is to support parents and caregivers through the lens of an ecological and holistic approach.

Lee Stanistreet, RECE, Director

Our administrative staff

We have a small and mighty staff supporting all of our programs. They help parents and caregivers gain access to the support programs the children need to be confident and connected.

Our Board

A volunteer Board of Directors, assisted by a number of subcommittees, ensures the responsible management of our not-for-profit organization. The Board meets a minimum of ten times a year.

Meet the Board of Directors:

  • Chair: Amelie Guite-Levesque, B.A., L.L.B.
  • Vice-chair: Jane Dare, BA
  • Secretary: Tianna Rowan
  • Treasurer: Daniel Burnett, B.Com, M.A.
  • Zeenat Chisti, CPA, CGA, MBA
  • John Guest, BA, J.D.
  • Monica Gundu, MBA
  • Anastasia Machan, BA, MA
  • Leigh Sara Therriault
  • Past Chair:  Valerie Gamache

We are always looking for new Board members in the following areas: finance, legal, human resources, communications and marketing, administration, and advocacy. Let’s talk about opportunities that match your experience and skills set. View the Careers & Opportunities page for more information.

How does learning happen?

CCS embraces the Ministry of Education resource ‘How Does Learning Happen’. We use it in developing and delivering our Centre-Based Childcare, Home-Based Childcare and Co-operative Nursery School programming.

What is How Does Learning Happen?

This resource guides the development of CCS’s programs, pedagogy, and practice and supports positive outcomes in children’s learning experiences, development, health, and well-being.

To learn more about “How does Learning Happen?”

What is ELECT?

ELECT stands for “Early Learning for Every Child Today.” It is a Government of Ontario, Ministry of Education framework intended for educators, caregivers, and support and intervention staff who work with preschool children. ELECT guides early learning curriculum based on how children learn and develop.

Learn more about ELECT.