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The Centrepointe Childcare Services (CCS) Home-based Childcare program currently offers full-time and part-time spaces to more than 100 children, aged between 0 and 12 years, in safe, nurturing, and enriching home environments.

The Home-based Childcare program is licensed under the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014, which sets standards for healthy and safe child caring practices. CCS is licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Education to approve and supervise home settings and has the capacity to support over 70 Home-based Childcare Providers.

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Hours and days are flexible. Contact our Home-based Childcare consultant who will match you with a Provider who best suits your needs. Full-time and part-time options are available. Some weekend programs are available.


Prices can vary depending on the required hours of care. Fees range from $23.00 to $43.75 per day depending on age, hours, and meal provisions.

For more information, we provide a detailed fee schedule.

The advantages of the Home-based Childcare program

Limited number of children in each home

Limited number of children in each age grouping

More flexibility in hours and days of care

More opportunities for parents to choose the right fit of caregiver for their child

Increased opportunity to find care closer to home

Appropriate support and training systems in place for caregivers

Who are Home-based Childcare Providers?

Home-based Childcare Providers are loving, skilled, and experienced people dedicated to helping infants and children realize their full potential in a family and community atmosphere. Many of them have been with CCS for over a decade, some for two. To enhance their training, they attend regular workshops and seminars, such as standard first aid, basic caregiver training, safety, nutrition, and program planning. Standard First Aid, Infant/child CPR and workshops on ELECT are mandatory.

Home-based Childcare Providers are screened and assessed before children enter their homes. CCS screens them to ensure they adhere to established strict standards and that their home is safe and complies with municipal fire, health, and bylaw regulations.

We are continuously looking for dedicated individuals to join our team. Learn more about becoming a home-based childcare provider by visiting our Careers and Opportunities page.

Who are CCS Childcare Consultants?

Our childcare consultants are the effective liaison between the parents and the Home-based Childcare Providerā€“ensuring parents have the best possible choice of a home environment. All consultants are registered Early Childhood Educators with diverse academic backgrounds and substantial field experience. They make monthly visits to each home to offer training and support and every four months to conduct safety checks. Consultants provide basic equipment, including: playpens, cots, double strollers, safety gates, high chairs, wagons, as well as baby monitors. They also provide art and program materials.


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