Workshops are offered to support you–as a parent and caregiver–as you gain child-rearing skills and confidence. They are designed to help you build on existing strengths, learn strategies to cope with the ups and downs of everyday living with children, and feel empowered. Ultimately, the sessions build resilient families that support children’s healthy development.

All workshop content is evidence-based and founded in research and expertise. Facilitators are qualified practitioners in their area of expertise from within our organization and from the community.

All workshops are inclusive and FREE.

Workshops require pre-registration. For more information about a topic please contact us by phone at 613-225-4819 or email at

We Have Three Categories of Workshops

For Parents

Every day, year and stage in a child’s life brings all kinds of surprises. Be proud and prepared as a parent. Our workshops can help.

For Parents with a baby

Babies don’t come with a manual, but there is still much to learn.CCS offers workshops that help new parents gain the information, skills and strategies they need to be confident in their baby-rearing.

For Caregivers

Our workshops for new and experienced caregivers address various topics of interest and concern.

Upcoming Workshops

Up coming events!

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